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About Us

Fordyce Consulting Group’s commitment is to enable businesses to unlock their full potential, overcoming obstacles and securing sustainable success in their product initiatives.

What We're All About

Our mission at Fordyce Consulting Group is to be your trusted compass, guiding your business towards product excellence. We’re committed to equipping businesses with specialized knowledge, insightful strategies, and robust support to achieve exceptional results in their product initiatives.

Learn Something Every Day

Our goal is to leverage our extensive experience and expertise to offer specialized consulting services that empower businesses to meet their growth objectives and maximize their product potential.

Jonathan Petkevich


Our Vision

Who We Are

We aspire to be your reliable ally, navigating with you through the intricate challenges in your pursuit of product perfection.

Our dedication is to the complexities of product management, providing custom-tailored strategies and execution plans that promote growth, ignite innovation, and facilitate value creation.

With our deep-rooted expertise, comprehensive experience, and profound understanding of the product landscape, we aim to empower our clients to make insightful decisions, prioritize efficiently, and execute flawlessly. By helping businesses optimize their product strategies, refine their processes, and realize desired outcomes, we seek to contribute to their enduring success and sustained market prominence.

Our mission statement mirrors our steadfast dedication to empowering businesses to reach their product objectives, surmount obstacles, and unlock their untapped potential in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace.

Emerging Startups

We assist in crafting product strategies, defining requirements, formulating go-to-market plans, and establishing a robust execution foundation.

Growing Tech SMEs

We augment existing product teams with specialized workshops, training sessions, documentation templates, and product strategy reviews.

Established Small Businesses

We offer a subscription model that equips them with pertinent templates, frameworks, and strategic tips.

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